Four Things I Learned at Last Month’s RightsTech Summit 

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in the RightsTech Summit in New York City (full disclosure: Orangenius was a sponsor) where I spoke on a panel about “Rightstech in the Enterprise.” Several of my Orangenius colleagues also attended, including Steve Schlackman, who discussed “Rightstech Marketplaces,” Paul Jessop, who spoke on “Restoring Registration to the Copyright Equation,” and Jim Griffin moderated a panel on smart contracts.

A joint venture between Digital Media Wire and Concurrent Media Strategies, the conference featured an eclectic mix of lawyers, technologists, and businesspeople from all sectors of the creative economy — music, film and television, book publishing, and the visual arts. While the nature of the creative endeavors and associated business models represented at the conference were diverse and varied, it was striking how similar each industry’s rights management issues are. Fundamentally, each business is after the same thing: an accurate, dependable way of managing rights in creative works, and ensuring accurate, appropriate compensation for uses of those works.

Source: Four Things I Learned at Last Month’s RightsTech Summit – Orangenius Blog


Author: Paul Sweeting

Paul Sweeting is the founder and principal of Concurrent Media Strategies, LLC and editor of

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