Blockai Announces Instagram Integration For Instant Copyright Claims

Blockai, a blockchain-enhanced copyright platform for creative professionals, today announced a new integration with Instagram.

Using Blockai, it is even easier for photographers and artists to claim their copyrights. They just link their Instagram to enable the import of existing photos, and for new photos simply add the hashtag #blockai. A comment appears under the photo with a link to the copyright claim.

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Is blockchain causing a music revolution?

Peer lending and crowdfunding have already greatly changed different industries. With the cryptosphere, there are now new ways of funding projects and selling products. It places all necessary tools directly in the hands of the project manager.

Without centralized databases and third party governance structures, all crucial decisions can be made by an artist himself, his manager, an artist’s team, or even via crowdsourcing in collaboration with fans.

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What Does the “B” Word Mean for Music?

First and foremost, there’s the question of ownership. Determining who should own, maintain, and ensure the ongoing integrity of a music catalog is crucial to its existence and long-term value to the music industry. Any solution that excludes either artists or their agents as stakeholders is doomed to fail.

At a high level, we’re already observing the negative effects of abstracting rights away from their creators and collecting them into large conglomerates. So the question that remains is one of beneficial governance — what would a joint cataloging effort look like?

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Legacy Film, Video Players “Open to Possibility” of Blockchain Tech, Says SingularDTV CEO |

SingularDTV CEO, Zach LeBeau, believes that achieving a decentralized and equitable global film and video ecosystem is likely to result from building more, not fewer, bridges among blockchain, digital currency and legacy players.

In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, LeBeau confirmed that SingularDTV, which is building an entertainment industry ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain, is having exploratory conversations with at least one legacy studio and with “one of the more prominent” production companies.

Source: Legacy Film, Video Players “Open to Possibility” of Blockchain Tech, Says SingularDTV CEO | Bitcoin Magazine

ConsenSys Anticipates Moving Ujo Music Blockchain Rights Management Offering to Closed Beta 

Consensus Systems (ConsenSys), the New York City-based blockchain venture production studio, plans to move its Ujo Music rights management and royalty payments platform into closed beta mode during 1Q 2017, according to Jesse Grushack, a ConsenSys Director and Ujo product lead.

The Ujo Music “open music” platform is designed to concentrate artists’ identities and businesses within artist-owned websites, where their content is marketed, royalty shares quickly distributed via digital currency — and traditional industry entanglements avoided.

Source: ConsenSys Anticipates Moving Ujo Music Blockchain Rights Management Offering to Beta | Bitcoin Magazine

Blockchain Startup SingularDTV to Tap Into uPort for Identity Solution

SingularDTV has announced plans with uPort to deliver decentralized, self-sovereign identity to the SingularDTV ecosystem.  Decentralized identity will play an important role in the new type of user experience SingularDTV is creating, an experience not possible on the internet due to its centralized networking architecture which fosters a lack of synergy between network and data.

uPort, an application developed by venture production studio ConsenSys, is a self-sovereign identity and key management system built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Evolution of Ujo Music: The Tiny Human Retrospective 

Today, November 7th, marks a turning point in Ujo’s history. Due to ongoing maintenance costs, the time has come for us to bid farewell to our beloved Alpha project. Instead of spending time maintaining the prototype, which fulfilled its purpose, we are knuckling down to build an open platform for all artists.

The Ujo team joined with Grammy award winning artist, Imogen Heap’s initial Mycelia experiment as both wanted a more fair and open music industry. Imogen posted Tiny Human to her website along with all relevant metadata for the song to see what new music services could do with it. In collaboration with Heap, we were able to showcase the power of the blockchain in getting Tiny Human up for sale on the newly launched Ethereum blockchain.

Source: Evolution of Ujo Music: The Tiny Human Retrospective – ConsenSys Media – Medium