Time Warner, AT&T CEOs Tout Deal Benefits for Content Creators 

Time Warner chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes and AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson on Monday touted their $85.4 billion cash-and-stock mega-deal on a conference call with Wall Street analysts, repeatedly suggesting it will bring benefits for content creators, among others.

“There is the huge opportunity … to utilize consumer insights to inform content creation, and that allows us to continue to create not just the biggest hits, but also content and programming that really engages with targeted” niche audiences, Bewkes said. “We will develop new innovative business models and forms of content that consumers will be demanding tomorrow in this ubiquitous, multi-platform, on-demand and increasingly mobile environment.”

Source: Time Warner, AT&T CEOs Tout Deal Benefits for Content Creators | Hollywood Reporter


Big Data Is Coming to the Publishing Industry 

Publishers are increasingly using big data to help them sell their book rights internationally. As the ebook market has grown over the last few years, so has the amount of data available to online retailers and publishers.

Traditionally, though, publishers have not been able to get exact user or reader statistics. The digitization of the reading experience is changing this limitation, however, and opening up a new frontier that publishers are starting to use to their advantage.

Source: Big Data Is Coming to the Publishing Industry – Digital Book World

Mediachain: Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards

We set out to build a shared, open, permissionless system where all of the world’s media metadata can coexist; this prototype was the first, small step towards that dream, and now it’s time to look back at its successes and failures and inform the next, bigger (!!) step.

Based on experiments with the testnet, these are the areas we realized needed the most attention in the next iteration:

Source: Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards

High-stakes battles engulf FCC 

Thursday marks the deadline for Chairman Tom Wheeler to say whether he will bring any of three major policy proposals to a vote at the commission’s meeting in September. Major corporate players have a stake in all three debates.

One proposal could give Americans more ways to watch television and, possibly, replace their living room set-top box. A second would crack down on how internet providers use customers’ personal data. And a third has the potential to bring changes to an obscure but valuable market for broadband connections that are used by big business.

Source: High-stakes battles engulf FCC | TheHill

The Hidden Danger of Big Data

As the Internet expands into new realms of physical space through the Internet of Things, the price of anarchy will become a crucial metric in our society, and the temptation to eliminate it with the power of big data analytics will grow stronger.Examples of this abound. Consider the familiar act of buying a book online through Amazon. Amazon has a mountain of information about all of its users – from their profiles to their search histories to the sentences they highlight in e-books – which it uses to predict what they might want to buy next. As in all forms of centralized artificial intelligence, past patterns are used to forecast future ones. Amazon can look at the last ten books you purchased and, with increasing accuracy, suggest what you might want to read next.

But here we should consider what is lost when we reduce the level of anarchy. The most meaningful book you should read after those previous ten is not one that fits neatly into an established pattern, but rather one that surprises or challenges you to look at the world in a different way.

Source: The Hidden Danger of Big Data by Carlo Ratti and Dirk Helbing – Project Syndicate

Nielsen ISBN Store a Hit

After nearly 50 years of promoting and selling ISBNs and prefixes to publishers in the UK & Ireland via a manual process, Nielsen has launched an online store that enables publishers and self-published authors to go to one site and purchase ISBNs, Book2Look widgets and a subscription to their BookData Enhanced service, enabling publishers to enrich their title records.

Publishers and self-published authors can purchase these services 24/7 enabling them to work and shop at their convenience. The Nielsen ISBN Agency for UK & Ireland still offers publishers the opportunity to talk to an adviser.

Source: Nielsen ISBN Store a Hit

Copyright Clearance Center Announces Launch of RightFind Content Decision Support Solution 

copyright-clearance-centerCopyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC), a global licensing and content technology company, has announced the launch of its cloud-based RightFind™ Content Decision Support (CDS), an easy-to-use analytics platform that helps information center managers leverage the power of usage data to make smart decisions around content investments.

RightFind CDS combines comprehensive usage and spend data, predictive analytics and data visualizations, and budget forecast and planning tools in a single solution designed to help information managers bring actionable intelligence to their content acquisition strategy.

Source: Copyright Clearance Center Announces Launch of RightFind™ Content Decision Support Solution – Copyright Clearance Center