Fox and CBS ex parte filings hint that the FCC is going to make major compromises to ‘Unlock the Box’ 

Separate ex parte filings by 21st Century Fox and CBS Corp. indicated that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is preparing to back away from his controversial “Unlock the Box” set-top regulation proposal, morphing the NPRM to look much more like the apps-based counter-proposal put forth by the pay-TV industry.

“The commission representatives indicated that they were seriously considering a revised approach to this proceeding that would ensure that all of programmers’ valuable content would remain inside of, and under the control of, apps developed exclusively by multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) with whom programmers have a direct contractual relationship,” said Fox, in its ex parte (PDF) detailing August 15 and 17 meetings it had, alongside the Walt Disney Company, with Jessica Almond, a rep from Wheeler’s office.

Source: Fox and CBS ex parte filings hint that the FCC is going to make major compromises to ‘Unlock the Box’ | FierceCable


Blockchain Startup Rolls out Development Plan and Roadmap 

The development plan and roadmap of the DECENT Network is now available for ICO investors and others to learn more about how the team plans to fully decentralized and independent Blockchain media distribution system.

From its roots derived form a simple Blockchain conversation a couple of years ago between two friends impressed with Bitcoin technology – and now to a courageous worldwide project to build the first Blockchain-driven digital content distribution system, the road has been challenging and tough, but is now coming to fruition.

Source: Blockchain Startup Rolls out Development Plan and Roadmap – Blockchain News

TuneCore Expands Live Presence in Britain With Trio of Partnerships 

The British arm of digital distributor TuneCore is growing its presence in the live sector by partnering with U.K. listings and ticket aggregator Ents24 and gig booking online marketplace Band Wagon.

The distribution company, which offers a range of support services to independent artists and has over 150 digital partners worldwide, including iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify, also announced a deal with London-based promoters HotVox that it says will help artists “grow their fan base and increase revenue opportunities.”

Source: TuneCore Expands Live Presence in Britain With Trio of Partnerships | Billboard

LBRY Wants to be the HTTP and DNS for Digital Content

disaster500Since the days of Napster, rights owners have bemoaned the tendency for illegitimate sources of content to crowd out legitimate sources online.

“You can’t compete with free,” is the age-old cry.

But a blockchain-based startup called LBRY believes it has come up with an approach to distributing digital content that could re-balance those scales.

LBRY (pronounced “library”) released an invite-only beta version of its client on July 4th and last week began issuing LBRY Credits (LBC), the cryptocurrency it will use for transactions on its network, which are listed on the Bittrex exchange. It’s key innovation, though, is the LBRY protocol, which acts like a combination of HTTP and DNS.

In addition to maintaining balances of LBRY Credits and managing payments, the LBRY blockchain provides a decentralized lookup and metadata storage system. Anyone can bid on a name (using LBC), which functions much like a web domain. Whoever controls the name/domain can describe what it contains, such as identity of the content it refers to, where it is located, who owns it, whom and how to pay, or how to retrieve a decryption key if the content is encrypted. Continue reading “LBRY Wants to be the HTTP and DNS for Digital Content”

Blockchain content sharing app LBRY declares independence

LBRY, the decentralised content sharing and publishing platform owned by its users, has released a Beta version of its app, coinciding with more content deals and a “July 4th Declaration of Independence from big media”. LBRY said today’s old order comprises, “the major record labels, book publishers, and movie studios that have managed to cling to their fiefdoms despite the potential of the internet to connect independent artists directly to their fans.

“It’s expensive to store and serve a bunch of content, so the market is dominated by the likes of Google’s YouTube, Apple’s iTunes, and Amazon’s Kindle Store. By combining several new open-source technologies and key innovations, LBRY is able to cut out the middlemen. The result is a platform that no one controls but everyone can access – just like the Internet itself,” said a statement.

Source: Blockchain content sharing app LBRY declares independent from Google, Apple and Amazon

Blockchain Breakthrough: Peerplays Creates Open-Source Fee Sharing Module

After a successful first round of ICO funding, Peerplays announced today that they have innovated the Blockchain space with the creation of an open-source fee sharing module, allowing any Graphene-based Blockchain to distribute profits directly to its token holders.

“Peerplays is aiming to be the first truly Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative (DAC) and we have just added a major piece to the puzzle,” said Jonathan Baha’i, President of BunkerChain Labs and the Blockchain technology consultant for Peerplays, in a press release.

Source: Blockchain Breakthrough: Peerplays Creates Open-Source Fee Sharing Module

Kobalt’s AWAL joins forces with Music Glue for independent artists 

Kobalt’s digital music services platform, AWAL has signed a partnership with Music Glue, the direct-to-fan platform for selling tickets, music, merchandise, experiences and more. Both companies say they will ‘explore ways in which they can continue adding value to artists they work with by building out supplemental services for clients’.

“Our goal at Kobalt is always to provide our clients with services they need in the most transparent way,” said Richard Sanders, President of Kobalt.

Source: Kobalt’s AWAL joins forces with Music Glue for independent artists – Music Business Worldwide