Song right societies collected €7.5 billion last year, says CISAC report 

CISAC, the organisation that brings together all the song right collecting societies around the world, has published its annual Global Collections Report, bringing together all sorts of data and figures for 2015. Together, monies collected by all those collecting societies topped €7.5 billion last year, up 8.5% year-on-year.

CISAC also counts amongst its membership some collecting societies that represent other groups of creators from the audio-visual and visual art communities, meaning that the total figure recorded in the report is €8.6 billion.

Source: Song right societies collected €7.5 billion last year, says CISAC report | Complete Music Update


Europe’s Digital Single Market: How It Could Kill The Indie Film Biz 

Independent film financing has never been a walk in the park, and a lukewarm American Film Market this month coupled with an age of political, digital and economic uncertainty mean the preselling game has become more challenging than ever.

But if there’s one thing that could kill off the entire indie business as we know it: a series of regulations being mulled over in Europe right now with regard to the European Commission’s strategy for a Digital Single Market. Indeed, it’s a complex issue, but at its beating heart lies a dangerous prospect for the future of the audio-visual sector, which threatens to dismantle territory-by-territory licensing in Europe.

Source: Europe’s Digital Single Market: How It Could Kill The Indie Biz | Deadline

10,000 Radio Stations File Suit Against Azoff’s Global Music Rights

A group representing 10,000 commercial radio stations has filed a lawsuit against Irving Azoff’s Global Music Rights, hoping to force the performance rights organization to submit to Department of Justice-controlled pricing, similar to other PROs ASCAP and BMI.

GMR was created in 2014 by Azoff and Madison Square Garden Entertainment as a way to generate more revenue for its songwriters. Unlike other PROs, GMR was not governed by a 75-year-old consent decree that controlled how much it charged radio stations, venues, restaurants and other commercial music users for the performance of music within its repertoire.

Source: 10,000 Radio Stations File Suit Against Azoff’s Global Music Rights – hypebot

News Media Alliance Launches Copyright Compliance Initiative

Today the News Media Alliance launched the News Media Licensing Initiative, a new program which aims to bolster global digital news distribution and consumption in compliance with the U.S. copyright system. The Alliance unveiled the new initiative at the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress in Washington, DC.

The News Media Licensing Initiative will be focused on educating media intelligence firms, called Media Monitoring Organizations (MMOs), on the importance of copyright compliance and ways that they can partner with news organizations in support of high-quality journalism.

Source: News Media Alliance Launches Copyright Compliance Initiative

US DoJ appeals fractional licensing copyright case

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has appealed against a decision made in September by a New York federal judge that performing rights organisation Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) may use “fractional licensing”.

Mike O’Neill, president and CEO of BMI, said that the organisation was not surprised by the decision to file an appeal. “It is unfortunate that the DOJ continues to fight for an interpretation of BMI’s consent decree that is at odds with hundreds of thousands of songwriters and composers, the country’s two largest performing rights organisations, numerous publishers and members of the music community, members of Congress, a US governor, the US Copyright Office and, in Judge Stanton, a federal judge,” he said.

Source: US DoJ appeals fractional licensing copyright case

Pan-European Licensing Hub ICE Signs Deal With SoundCloud 

One-stop pan-European online rights hub ICE has signed a multi-territory license with SoundCloud enabling rights holders across Europe to receive royalties from its suite of services, including the recently-launched SoundCloud Go subscription offering.

The deal follows a licensing agreement between SoundCloud and U.K. collecting society PRS for Music in December last year that brought an end to PRS’ suit against the Berlin-based startup over unpaid royalties.

Source: Pan-European Licensing Hub ICE Signs Deal With SoundCloud | Billboard

YouTube’s Seven-Year Music Battle Ends in Germany 

Google’s YouTube struck a deal with German royalty-collection group Gema to pay licensing fees and unblock thousands of music videos in Europe’s biggest economy after seven years of legal battles.

The agreement signed Tuesday means that about 70,000 musicians and songwriters represented by Gema will get paid if their content is watched on YouTube, Gema said in a statement. The deal may enable YouTube to introduce its Red music and video subscription service in Germany, which the agreement also covers, Gema said.

Source: YouTube’s Seven-Year Music Battle Ends in Germany – Bloomberg