SoundExchange Asks Copyright Royalty Board For Major Rate Increases 

SoundExchange has submitted a new rate proposal and testimony in the SDARS III royalty rate proceeding from which the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) will set rates for the years 2018-2022 for Sirius XM’s satellite radio service, as well as, cable/satellite TV music services provided by Music Choice and Muzak.

SoundExchange has proposed a rate that is the greater of either 23% of revenue or $2.48 per subscriber per month in 2018 with annual increases. The current rates for Sirius XM are 10.5% of Sirius XM’s “Gross Revenues” in 2016 and 11% in 2017.

Source: SoundExchange Asks Copyright Royalty Board For Major Rate Increases – hypebot


Mediachain Introduces Attribution Engine

Attribution Engine is currently able to identify over 125 Million images from over 30 image sharing platforms. Our goal is to reach 1 billion images in the coming months by inviting creators to register their visual works and partnering with platforms and organizations that support attribution for photographers, artists and the cultural heritage, including Getty Images, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Digital Public Library of America and Europeana.

Attribution Engine is also the first search engine completely powered by open and decentralized data in Mediachain.

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What does the future hold for SoundExchange? 

SoundExchange says it is adapting to an age where direct digital performance licenses are more commonplace in the U.S.

As a trusted provider of back office services, it has already inked more than a dozen agreements to be an admin partner to labels, increasing its chances of processing payments from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music for the industry’s big boys.

Source: What does the future hold for SoundExchange? – Music Business Worldwide

Monetizing remix culture: Beatport’s former CEO about his new mission 

It’s 2016 and artists still have to think like lawyers when working on remixes. As someone whose music consumption primarily exists of remixes and sampled works, this is a very personal pet peeve of mine. The topic is, finally, getting some attention beyond lawsuits and takedown notices.

Earlier this year, a task force from the US Department of Commerce presented their findings of a 2-year study, suggesting that a compulsory license is undesirable. Instead, it recommends that the marketplace be left alone to figure this out. An upcoming key player in this marketplace, is MetaPop: a platform that connects labels, producers and remixers, co-founded by former Beatport CEO, Matthew Adell. To date, MetaPop has signed on over 5,000 labels and helps them clear and monetize fan remixes.

Source: Monetizing remix culture: Beatport’s former CEO about his new mission – MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE – Medium

Kobalt strikes ‘revolutionary’ deal with YouTube giant AwesomenessTV

Kobalt has signed a new partnership with multi-platform media company Awesomeness TV which it says will ‘revolutionize’ the music business.

AwesomenessTV, co-owned by Comcast, Hearst and Verizon, counts amongst its properties a multi-channel network (MCN) with over 90,000 YouTube channels. It will now connect its emerging musical talent with Kobalt’s publishing, label services and neighboring rights offerings.

Source: Kobalt strikes ‘revolutionary’ deal with YouTube giant AwesomenessTV – Music Business Worldwide

YouTube, beware: Facebook is ready to do some global music licensing 

Facebook looks set to make a major splash in music in the coming months… if a revealing new job ad is anything to go by. The social media giant, which boasts more than 1.7bn monthly active users, is currently recruiting for a Director Of Global Music Licensing.

The details of the position sound like positive news for music rights-holders; especially those feeling a little beaten up by that other major online media brand with a billion-plus users, YouTube.

Source: YouTube, beware: Facebook is ready to do some global music licensing – Music Business Worldwide

ASCAP launches Digital Team to increase transparency and efficiency 

The Digital Team is comprised of the Digital Product & User Experience Group, led by Dena Fletcher, as well as the newly created Data Strategy & Business Intelligence Group, led by David Frigeri.

The PRO says it will harness ‘ASCAP’s rich data and other assets to make ASCAP’s music licensing, royalty collection and distribution processes more transparent and efficient for members and licensees’.

Source: ASCAP launches Digital Team to increase transparency and efficiency – Music Business Worldwide