Ten Rights Hacks: Actionable Advice From Two Key Players

One of the most instructive programs on the Publishing Perspectives Stage at Frankfurt Book Fair last month was a special presentation of “Ten Rights Hacks” from US-based rights expert Kris Kliemann, who until recently directed global rights for John Wiley & Sons, and Jane Tappuni, who leads business development and marketing for the transactional rights marketplace IPR License.

Here’s a review of the ten points that Tappuni and Kliemann offered to the audience, with some of their comments. As in any good Top 10 list, Kliemann and Tappuni started with No. 10 and worked backward.

Source: Ten Rights Hacks: Actionable Advice From Two Key Players


At Frankfurt Book Fair: Bibliocloud CEO Emma Barnes Talks Tech Literacy 

“It feels to me,” Barnes says, “that most digital innovations are occurring outside of the publishing space, then attempting to introduce themselves to our industry, post hoc. This lack of a nuanced understanding of the problems actually facing publishers means that the apps don’t solve the right problems.“

Publishers’ lack of volition in digital product development means that when apps do hit the mark, though, they tend to be from outsiders. Reedsy is a good example of a case in which someone is solving an author’s problems better than publishers are. Blinkist takes advantage of publishers’ ignorance of their readers to disintermediate them, too.”

Source: At Frankfurt: Emma Barnes Talks Tech Literacy at The Markets