BPI Launches Innovation Hub

bpi_innovation_hubUK record labels’ association, the BPI, has launched the BPI Innovation Hub – a new forum that seeks to harness the potential of creativity and innovation by matching innovative tech companies with record labels that are looking to utilise new technology in their business.

The BPI will look to convene the Innovation Hub on a quarterly basis, inviting selected companies to meet with and present to each other with the aim of developing productive business partnerships that will generate long-term commercial opportunities.

Source: Media Centre


Like Access Industries, Liberty Media Is Building A Full Stack Music Company 

Liberty made an informal offer of $15 a share for Pandora, which was at the time a $1 premium on its current share price, however Pandora is reportedly holding out for $20. Liberty’s bid wasn’t some random shot in the dark. It was an attempt to add to its already extensive music holdings which include:

  • A 40% stake in Sirius XM;
  • A 34% stake in Live Nation;
  • A 7% stake in Indian streaming service Saavn

Add into the mix positions in around 10 telcos, minority positions in media companies such as Viacom and Time Inc and a potential merger with global mobile carrier group Vodafone and you have the makings of an end-to-end media-tech conglomerate. Or in today’s parlance, a full stack music company.

Source: Like Access Industries, Liberty Media Is Building A Full Stack Music Company – hypebot