Legacy Film, Video Players “Open to Possibility” of Blockchain Tech, Says SingularDTV CEO |

SingularDTV CEO, Zach LeBeau, believes that achieving a decentralized and equitable global film and video ecosystem is likely to result from building more, not fewer, bridges among blockchain, digital currency and legacy players.

In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, LeBeau confirmed that SingularDTV, which is building an entertainment industry ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain, is having exploratory conversations with at least one legacy studio and with “one of the more prominent” production companies.

Source: Legacy Film, Video Players “Open to Possibility” of Blockchain Tech, Says SingularDTV CEO | Bitcoin Magazine


Blockchain Startup SingularDTV to Tap Into uPort for Identity Solution

SingularDTV has announced plans with uPort to deliver decentralized, self-sovereign identity to the SingularDTV ecosystem.  Decentralized identity will play an important role in the new type of user experience SingularDTV is creating, an experience not possible on the internet due to its centralized networking architecture which fosters a lack of synergy between network and data.

uPort, an application developed by venture production studio ConsenSys, is a self-sovereign identity and key management system built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Source: Blockchain Startup SingularDTV to Tap Into uPort for Identity Solution – Blockchain News

Putting Hollywood on the Blockchain

screenshot-singulardtv.com 2016-06-07 15-21-38The blockchain is a hot topic in the music business these days, featured on panels at nearly every industry conference and gobbling up acres of paper and pixels in the industry press. But it hasn’t gained nearly as high a profile in the TV and film business.

That’s in part because, while Hollywood has its problems, the film and TV business isn’t nearly as broken as the music business, and movie and TV people are simply not as hungry for radical fixes as many musicians are today. Unlike the music business, where the consumer’s embrace of streaming is blamed for pushing down profit margins and diluting artists’ earnings, the popularity of video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime has sparked an explosion in scripted TV production and a boom in jobs and pay scales for actors, writers and other behind-the-camera personnel.

Even the major studios, who have watched subscription VOD services erode their once highly profitable DVD business, have benefited from re-selling back catalog to Netflix, Hulu and others.

That doesn’t mean there might not be better ways of doing business, however, or that blockchain won’t play a role in TV’s future. Startup SingularDTV is betting both will happen, in fact, and has set out to prove it. Continue reading “Putting Hollywood on the Blockchain”

ConsenSys And SingularDTV Partner to Build Film & TV Rights Management Platform 

SingularDTV (S-DTV), a first-of-its-kind Blockchain entertainment studio, is partnering with venture production studio ConsenSys to build a smart contract-based rights management platform for film and television on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Based on ConsenSys’ rights management prototype, Ujo Music, ConsenSys will support the S-DTV service, enabling it to attach usage policies and real-time revenue flow to its video and media content.

Source: ConsenSys And SingularDTV Partner to Build Film & TV Rights Management Platform – Blockchain News